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Jute Carry Bag

Jute Carry Bag

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Anokha Dhaaga Jute bags are considered to be very durable and can take quite a lot of weight. Medium size Bag are great for carrying  items in as they can have thicker handles and the material is strong. Jute is a great material for shopping bags and will stand up easily against items. it has zip closer and 14 inches niwar handle.A jute carry bag is a versatile and environmentally friendly accessory that serves various purposes. Jute is a natural fiber obtained from the stems of the jute plant and is known for its eco-friendly properties.

Key features.

  1. Made with lminated jucco material
  2. The jute carry bag is crafted from natural jute fibers
  3. Jute carry bags come in various designs
  4. Jute bags are designed to be reusable
  5. Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only


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