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Warli Embroidery Frame

Warli Embroidery Frame

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Introducing our exclusive Warli Embroidery Frame, meticulously crafted to enhance and showcase the timeless beauty of Warli embroidery. This specially designed frame provides the perfect canvas for your Warli embroidery projects, allowing you to display your artistry in a refined and elegant manner. The warli motif is hand embroidered by using kantha stitch technique. The embroidery is done on fabric and done framing by using black bit.

Key Features.

  1. Kantha Stitch is done on it.
  2. Quality Construction
  3. Optimal Size
  4. Versatile Display
  5. Perfect for gifting and decoration purpose
  6. Care Instructions : Handle with care

Elevate your Warli embroidery experience with our thoughtfully designed frame, blending functionality with aesthetics to provide the perfect backdrop for your artistic endeavors. Discover the joy of showcasing your Warli embroidery in a frame that honors the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of this traditional Indian art form.


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