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Sohri Painting An Indigenous Mural Art From Jharkhand

Sohri Painting An Indigenous Mural Art From Jharkhand

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The Sohrai art celebrates fertility in the harvest.Indigenous mural art forms often carry cultural significance, and local communities or organizations may provide insights into the history, techniques, and themes associated with Sohri Painting. For the most accurate and detailed description, consider reaching out to local artists, cultural organizations, or authorities in Jharkhand who may be able to provide specific information about Sohri Painting and its significance in the region.

Key features

  1. Beautifuly handpainted by our SHG women.
  2. Rich Cultural Heritage
  3. Natural PigmentsSymbolism and Storytelling
  4. Connection to Nature
  5. Spiritual Significance
  6. Perfect for gifting and decoration purpose
  7. Care Instructions : Handle with care


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